Heat Press Review – 8 In 1 Combo Heat Press Machine

The word combo in a product can always be a good thing. It means more bang for the buck in the literal sense. The 8 In 1 Combo Heat Press Machine clearly offers a lot of the product. This multipurpose equipment is based on the swing-away heat press. It is technically very advanced and has all the right buttons and safety features to make it one of the most appealing products in the history of the heat press.


* Digital controller of the temperature, the timer, and the automatic alarm

* It is made up of a very strong steel board

* The heat platens and the tables are interchangeable.


* The ability to interchange ensures versatility.

* It provides a very superior heat solution, especially when the material is more than just a two-dimensional flat image.

Take care to do the following

* While choosing the fabrics, make sure that it is not the kind to melt when in contact with a hot surface. Synthetic and thin fabrics must be handled carefully.

* Choose the right transfer paper. Research well before picking the paper. Transfer paper for the black cloth will be different from that of the white cloth.

* Avoid harsh detergents and washing machines when washing the clothes that have been imprinted.

* It is advisable to use an inkjet printer onto a transfer paper. Design the artwork carefully. Software such as Adobe may be used. Please note that injket printers will not print white. The colour of the fabric is likely to be reflected.

Please note that not all heat-press machines are created equal heat press reviews 2017. The ones that have been manufactured for professional use are meant for bulk orders. They are no child’s play. With a bigger platen meant for a wider workspace, these machines mean business.